Tumblr Management

Similar to a blog, Tumblr management offers custom handwritten articles with a heavier influence of photographs. Each monthly package offers concise postings consisting of 100-250 words coupled with relevant images. Additionally, we will post larger stand-alone images that make a more powerful statement when promoting your brand. These are completely delivered over a period of 30 days to establish consistency and a more interested following. And in accordance with all of our services, we will monitor your account seven days a week to keep up with comments and to eliminate any spam that might occur.
By allowing Hollywood Vine Group to manage your Tumblr, your company can solidify social proof and its online relevance through a trendy social media platform. Your company doesn’t need to sweat the small stuff when place your faith in our team of trained Tumblr professionals. Get your company’s message across by instantly sharing photos, video, music, or any other sort of multimedia to this fully customizable platform. Having a solid personalized presence on Tumblr means targeted exposure your company and its other social media endeavors. Choose your package today!

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Gold Package

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