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Our Services

We offer a variety of services.

Social Media Management

Knowing when, how, and what content to post is vital to growing your social platforms.

EC2 Hosting

Hate Server Techs? We know the struggle, launch EC2 Instances INSTANTLY!

Ad Buying

We are masters at getting the best price and highest quantity of traffic from several social media platforms.

Agency Audiences


Facebook Likes


Instagram Followers


X Followers


Youtube Views


Ad Buying

  • Research into demographics and locations
  • Research into hashtags and keywords
  • Assemble series of custom audiences
  • Create ad copy and creatives for campaigns

$100/starting at

Social Media Management

Most Popular

  • Facebook, Instagram, and X properties managed daily
  • Includes #hashtag and fanpage/profile research

$2,500/starting at

Amazon EC2 Hosting

  • AWS EC2 instant setups
  • Affordable Email
  • Affordable hosting costs

$100/starting at

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