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Our Services

We offer a variety of services.

Social Media Management

Knowing when, how, and what content to post is vital to growing your social platforms.

Client Consultation

Need some advice? We consult our clients in person or by telephone. Contact us!

Ad Buying

We are masters at getting the best price and highest quantity of traffic from several social media platforms.

Agency Audiences


Facebook Likes


Instagram Followers


Twitter Followers


Youtube Views


Ad Buying

  • Research into demographics and locations
  • Research into hashtags and keywords
  • Assemble series of custom audiences
  • Create ad copy and creatives for campaigns

$500/starting at

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Social Media Management

Most Popular

  • Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter properties managed daily
  • Includes #hashtag and fanpage/profile research
  • $2,500 ad budget for follow, like, boost, event campaigns

$5,000/starting at

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Client Consultation

  • Review your business obstacles
  • Refer you to proper online resources
  • Answer questions on strategy and online goals
  • Give real resources available online
  • Provide internet forecasting based on trends we are aware of

$1,000/starting at

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Clean Up Service

  • Merge all duplicate fanpages and profiles all into 1 official fanpage
  • Fix/edit 10 posts currently live on your wall, to learn how to do it better next time
  • Consult on what is needed to BECOME verified and will submit for your page to be verified on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for free
  • Lifetime free submission guarantee, we will continue to attempt to get your fanpages and profiles verified with Facebook, Instagram & Twitter every 30 days for free

$500/one time fee

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About Us

Social media is the most important way to connect with your customers in today's world.

Hollywood Vine Group officially started inside Jay West’s apartment at the Lido Apartments in Hollywood, California November 11th, 2011. Jay had set a goal to one day live and work on a social media company on the streets Hollywood Blvd and Vine Street, hence where the name of the company came from.

Why did we pursue social media? There was an influx of interest to internet marketing between the years 2005 and 2011. Websites like Myspace and Facebook were popular, but not widely used by anyone over the age of 25. In 2010 Jay wrote a business plan about how brands, businesses, and celebrities will all be using Facebook Fanpages and other social platforms to promoting their products and brands within 5 years. Writing that business plan now 6 years ago is the reason why the series of events unfolded to the startup of Hollywood Vine Group.

Every client that has ever ran a campaign with Hollywood Vine Group has been a vital step to our success. There has not been one campaign we have ran where it was a waste to any resource. Not only is giving top quality to our clients key but we also give back to the community. Hollywood Vine Group currently offers discounted rates and pro-bono work to non-4-profits, churches, and government members of office to those in California, along with free consultations. This ensures that our leaders have the most and best information when it comes to the powers of the internet.

So what makes us different from other agencies? Most social media agencies are more of an art department. They know how to make your images and brand look amazing, but they have no idea how to get eyeballs on that content let alone getting that content viral. Hollywood Vine Group offers affordable management pricing to cover Content creation, Strategy, and targeted Ad campaigns spinning three wheels at once is how to have higher success rates.


My film has been using Hollywood Vine Group to help with our social media and I'm very pleased with the results. They have made our Facebook ad buys, helped us with our content and directed traffic to our page. All on a very reasonable budget. All our metrics are up: Page likes, post reach, the number of consumers connecting with our film online. I would bring my next film to HVG in a heartbeat.

Tim Bartell

Doggie Dream Productions

Jay! You rock - you're totally indispensable when it comes to FB :)) Keep up the great work!

Janet Roth


The reps at HVG are some of the most knowledgeable online marketers out there. With social media constantly evolving, it’s great to have someone reliable to navigate the ins and outs of digital strategy. It would just be impossible for me to keep up on my own!

Jordan Monsanto

SModCo Inc.

Thank you for all the great work bud. Lets do some LIKE's next week!

Art Lewin

Art Lewin Bespoke Clothiers

Hollywood Vine Group works 24 hours a day to make sure all emails are answered, phone calls and text are returned, all products are delivered and all goals are achieved based on each client's needs. I also know the owner makes sure who ever is on his team delivers up to his standards and integrity in a timely fashion in the most economical way.

Stacie Garcia

Self Employed Artist

What We Do

We use strategy, creativity and analytics to engage your audience and ensure your brand is part of the conversation.

Content Management

Managing your social media profiles can be a time consuming effort that distracts from the main goals of your business, resulting in decreased productivity. We generate custom content, directly reply to fans comments, questions, and concerns in a timely fashion to keep an active relationship with current and potential clients alike. This establishes a meaningful connection with customers to strengthen trust and loyalty.

Research & Strategy

Hollywood Vine Group brings you all its experience and methods to the table. We constantly look into your competitors, niche, and popular trends to bring you targeted content, and optimal posting times. Social platforms constantly go through updates and changes, and we are constantly learning and improving our method for your benefit.

Targeted Advertisements

We create custom Ads to serve your fan base using real Ad platforms. No fake likes or followers, only organic traffic. We can target any country, any city, any age, any gender, to what best suits your target market.

The Hollywood Vine

What a brilliant, mind-blowing dystopian fantasy the Blade Runner series has offered us. With a fantastic cast and supreme effects, it’s no surprise that this film got attention, though not as much as anticipated...

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